Huge Blow for Kenya After The Global Fund Has Made A New Move

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The government of Kenya is now worried after been alleged of corruption, the Global Fund will no longer be expected in Kenya due to fear of corruption. The HIV/ Aids victims are now to suffer most after the government has now made a decision to convert the Fund which supports HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria programs , to buy other medical supplies needed by the country.

This bad news has come amid the time Kenya needs support most, the world enemy Covid 19 has greatly affected the economy of the country. Many of the citizens had heard time to conduct their daily duties due to strict lockdown and curfew that was adopted by the government as a result of installing the adviced measures to curb the rapid spread of the Corona virus as by Kenya Ministry of health.

The Global Fund had requested a meeting to discuss procurement- related matters at Kemsa due to thr fund withheld Of Sh 40 billion over graft.

This new move by the Global fund , has taken many citizens aback making them furiously to give their suggestions on the Daily Nation Official Facebook account.

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