Bahati's Baby Mama Confesses Her Crave For Another Baby

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Bahati Ex-lover, Yvette Obura has come out to open up about her desire to have another baby, five years after siring a daughter with Bahati.

Taking to her Instagram account, the singer opened up to her followers, disclosing her constant yearn to sire another baby.

Obura posted the photo of herself alongside her cute daughter Mueni, before accompanying it with the moving caption which reads "I have been having baby fever lately"

The pair dated for a long time resulting in the birth of their daughter, Mueni five years ago before they ended the optimistic relationship

Her concern over dating a celebrity and the limelight which is always associated with, are the reasons which made her quit the relationship.

In one interview, the singer revealed the difficulties which come with Co-parenting, which constantly leads to differing on various issues concerning their daughter.

She also stated that the fact Bahati has a wife and also her being in another relationship means, co-parenting can be draining.

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