Having a vagina is a lot of work. Woman complains.

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A woman went to Twitter to share her bodily frustrations. She stated:

"Having a vagina is a lot of work, it's so sensitive one wrong move you are uncomfortable for weeks. It needs specific underwear, some pads or condoms you can't use, you have to always remember to pee after sex and you have to deal with periods along with all that comes with that. What did we do to deserve this?"

Find out what others thought:

Her complained about being unable to sit in public toilets

Katlego complained that hovering can cause Utis

Mbally complained about the shaving creams

Thee black child complained that shaving creams cause her pimples.

Leigh complained that the tampons she uses cause her rash and her vaginal walls were swollen.

Victoria stated that her periods last only two days.

Mimi complained about a number of things that cause irritation.

Phumelele complained about the infection from the toilet.

Motso says having a vagina causes her trauma

Kami advised girls to have their vaginas checked out

Avoid says it's a lot of admin

Ceez complained about the costs of maintaining it.

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