Angry Kenyans Gang Against Abraham Mutai For Slamming Deputy President

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Kenyans have reacted on social media after Abraham Mutahi posted about the constitution amendment bill that has been taken to the court.

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Taking on her Verified Twitter account, Mutahi Wrote the following, "A bill is now in Parliament, Constitution of Kenya amendment bill. The bill proposes creation of two deputy President offices. An office of Prime Minister. Two deputies Prime Ministers. It proposes that President can sack his deputies with an approval of one thirds of parliament", Mutahi Wrote.

Here are some of the comments from Kenyans on Twitter:

"Laws are made for posterity and that the current DP will not be a DP for life. There’s need to insulate that office. That bill can thrown out by the courts if it passes", Ahmed Wrote.

"The leaders thinking about themselves again and how they can share the positions. Even though I also don't agree with William Ruto at times, I think he is now the only leader talking about the plight of the common citizens and I'll soon be vindicated!", Wilson Commented.

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