Things You Should Never Post On Social Media About Yourself

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We are living in a very judgemental world and where the internet never forget .what you show out about yourself matters a lot. Its good to learn that not everything is worth other people knowing.

How you decide to live your life matters a lot. That is why you should keep boundaries to some of the things you post and share out to other people. These are things you should never share about yourself

(1) Revealing your body

There will be pressure by social media to do so you may see other people doing it without the society judging them. Remember you cannot copy other people choice of life .You may end up exposing things that will be used in future to destroy your reputation

(2)Your family daily activities

Not everyone is happy seeing you progress with your family ,showing people what you do on a daily basis is so boring and will denie you privacy. You will reach a point that you owe the become compulsory to show them what you are doing or they will think things are not doing well with you. Your enemies may decide to use this opportunity to plot evil against you

(3) Fake lifestyle

Don't post fake life on social media whether pretending to be poor ,rich, sick,or attacked. People will judge you negatively and it will be hard convincing them that you were only doing it for show of. Show people the real things about you.

(4) Your plans and what you want to achieve

Keep private what you want to execute next. You never know who is playing behind your back to see you fall

(5)You weaknesses and Failures

Nobody ought expose their weakness. It is easier for people to attack you because they know your breaking .They will use that to Criticize you. And spread hate about you.

(6) Your secrets and confidential information

Nobody wants to reveal their secrecy and confidential matters ,but when you start spreading them on social media you become like an open envelope where people can read all your mess.

(7) Your success

Obviously there are those people who will never want to see you succeed. Keep your achievement to yourself and let others praise you.

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