Ni Gospel Ndani Ya Comedy : Embarambamba Explains His Way Of Delivering Music


Embarambamba is a kisii music artist whose videos have gone viral and himself has become famous from his was of delivering music. Christopher Nyangwara which is his real name, has made a trademark out of rolling in the mud and other dramatic ways like jumping over a cow, swinging on post and so many others.

Checking into his dramatic way of delivering music, many including prominent people the likes of Ezekiel Mutua have come to think this man could be insane. However, it is not the case for the dramatic musician which he explained in an interview on the popular show on NTV, The Trend yesterday night.

He acknowledged the many questions Kenyans have got to ask and mostly which is if he is mad or something. Explaining himself on the trend yesterday, he made it clear that he is neither drank, mad or insane as people think. According to Embarambamba, rolling in the mud is not enough to call him mad, rather, he is a mud man.

Explaining his way of art, he talked of it being gospel inside comedy. He went on to add that he had to come with a unique way of capturing people' s attention to his music and for this chose on what he does, rolling in the mud, jumping over animals, swinging on posts and so many others. Also, he is someone who has loved drama and acrobatics since childhood.

Embarambamba feels that with his way of delivering music, gospel music is going to be on another level. He also feels that his dramatic ways is the way to go for other gospel artists in these changing times. The amusing artist also warned gospel artists on what they sing in the name of being in the industry. He warned that people should praise God more than they do ask Him questions as God loves praises.

Lastly, Embarambamba likes it when it rains as at then there is mud to roll out on. He shared that his wife and family are okay with his deeds which they enjoy and appreciate as it is in this way he brings food to the table. It is the wife who washes the dirty clothes for him which he really is happy for as he married someone who understands him.