Man Chops off His Manhood After His Wife Failed to Visit Him in Prison

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A Spanish prisoner cut his own penis off on Christmas Eve after his better half wouldn't come to see him for an intimate visit. 

Doctors saved the anonymous prisoner's life in the clinical focus of a prison in Puerto de Santa Maria close to Cadiz, Spain. 

It isn't yet clear if staff had the option to reattach his penis. 

Local reports guarantee the man has psychological well-being issues. TAMPM Puertos – an affiliation speaking to prison laborers – affirmed the case, saying: 'A detainee removed his penis since his significant other would not like to go to prison to see him.' 

An intimate visit is a planned period in which a detainee is permitted to go through a few hours or days in private with a visitor, as a rule their lawful mate, to participate in sexual action in the event that they wish. 

UK prisons don't permit sexual arrangements yet give detainees home visits in no time before they are delivered. 

It comes after another prisoner in Spain must be raced to hospital after he remove his ears and ate them in September. 

The man passed out subsequent to eating the body parts and was overwhelmed by prison guards at a prison close to Badajoz. 

According to Metro; guards couldn't discover his ears and acknowledged he had either eaten them or flushed them down the toilet. 

The man experienced a psychiatric disorder and was treated at Badajoz's University Hospital. 

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