Video Drops As Teachers Go Round In Town "Begging" Pupils To Come To School

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GhOne Television has dropped a sad video showing teachers in an unknown location urging school children to attend school.

Basic Schools resumed on Tuesday, 18th January, 2022 to start a new academic year. However this video which has started making waves on the internet indicates that, school children for that location seems to not have heard that school has resumed.

Teachers could be heard moving round the community urging students to come out so that they can listen to what their teachers have for them. It can be concluded that school resumed two days ago but few or no pupil has attended school in that community. Teachers look desperate searching for their students to come to class.

Some kids in the community went hiding after hearing the voices of their teachers. This is sad as some people do not know the essence of education. Could it be that the school facilities of the school are not good. Or the pupils have a favourite day which they attend school.

Click here to watch the video.

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