"I Was Attacked By Snakes At Night In My Mother-in-laws House. I Was Terrified." Jane Stated.

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Jane Wairimu from Nakuru painfully narrated how she was attacked by snakes after she visited her mother-in-law's house. She claimed that she could hardly sleep at night because she feared for her life

According to Jane she was born by a single mother of one. They both loved with her grandmother and when she was five years old her mother became mad and she was taken to a mental hospital.

She claimed that when she was in class six she dropped out of school and decided to work as a househelp she worked for her employer for years and she was kind towards her. When she turned sixteen years she met a man and after dating he impregnated her and failed to take responsibility.

Jane said that she went back to her grandparent's house and die to hardships she decided to get married again. This time she met a man and they lived together. She became pregnant for her first child and delivered safely nine months later.

She said that she got pregnant again three years later and that's when her husband decided to take her to his village. On arrival Jane noticed that the neighbors were staring at her. She was welcomed well but after she went to buy airtime at a nearby shop a neighbor told her to be careful since that family was highly feared in that community.

She claimed that the lady told her that her husband's family was known for performing dark magic. Jane was in fear and that night things happened. She claimed that as she slept she was attacked by snakes that tried.

She claimed that once she woke up she couldn't find the snakes. However the following morning she informed her husband about the incidence but didn't pay much attention. She said that as she made lunch for people she would see snakes around the wall and ceiling of the kitchen.

"I was in shock and I quickly called my mother in-law." Jane stated.

She called her mother-in-law inlaw and told her what she had seen and she condemned her telling her that they were there for security and she was bound to worship them. Jane was in so much shock and couldn't hardly believe what she heard. She immediately stopped cooking and called her grandmother who sent her money for transport.

Jane quickly took her children without her husband's and mother-in-law's knowledge and left. She left her clothes and personal belonging there and headed back to her grandmother's house.Sje refused to go back to her husband even after several attempted to her her back.

Jane has advised women to do a background research in their In-law's families before making a full commitment of getting married there.

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