Former Child Star Hulisani "CC" Makes a Great Move


Former child tv star Hulisani "CC" Ravele, had a brief chat with Zizo Tshwete on Umhlobo Wenene FM's afternoon drive show. Hulisani has more than ten years of presenting kids shows on SABC1's YOTV, she later matriculated with distinctions, her brilliance and hard work continued to show even in her post graduate degree in Marketing from University of Johannesburg. She became an intern at SABC and after a year of unemployment she got another big break as an Account Executive in a digital agency and currently a Radio Host at Capricorn FM.

Hulisani firstly described the things that young people should be aware of when entering the entertainment industry. She said that their jobs are not stable so that is why most entertainers mov from pillar to post, they get called jack of all trades because of the contractual employment and pay managers with every income they make. Most entertainment personalities in South Africa diversify their jobs, they usually move around TV presenting, radio hosting, acting, social media influencer and other similar trades. Hulisani said that they pay managers 10% of every income they make, you use a freelancer you pay 25% and then there is tax payment that will come for you, she advised people to save so that they could pay their taxes. She added that it is better to put the management fee on the savings account to avoid being overly taxed.

On 15 June 2020 Hulisani showed another great path, she has recently co-founded a new life changing platform for women, this initiative allows women to share their experiences and have conversations that empower and encourage each other. You can find the initiative on Instagram named @thestorythatsheis. She showed an emotional gesture and said "As one of the co-founders of this platform, my hope and prayer is that it grows into a safe space for women to not only share and own their truth, but for us to also learn from one another."

This initiative has been inspired by Hulisani's passion to engage in women issues, she was recently so moved by the appalling incidents of gender based violence that has seen escalation in the country. She responded to the horrible news that were posted by News24 about a father who allegedly raped his 20-, months old daughter. Here is Hulisani'S response:

"Cut. His. Penis. Off. Finish. And. Klaar. And if we must add his hands, then so be it!!! If you don't know how to use it and keep it to yourself unless you have consent, WHY TF SHOULD YOU HAVE IT!? 😡"

She even referred her concerns to the President's twitter page, saying that there should be solutions and massive tackling of gender based violence issues. She engaged with people in exploring what has been done and she clearly advocates for harsher punishments just like the one she suggested on her comment to News24.