6 football prodigies who turned to crime


Many footballers have had problems with justice, but these players have taken it a step further.

1. Arda Turan

The Midfielder stole a La Liga title from Real Madrid and Barcelona, while playing for Atletico. It got their attention, and a move to the camp. But as the new season progressed, things didn't go as planned.

He was loaned back to Turkey to try and rekindle his love for the game. That only made things worse. Turan's crimes includes; disorderly conduct on an airplane, arguing with a journalist after a turkey match, assault on a linesman which led to a 16 match ban.

He got into a fight with Turkish singer Burqa Shahin, breaking his nose. The next day, Turan showed up at the hospital where the singer was being treated, holding a gun and fired it.

Turan was taken to court and sentenced for illegal possession of weapons, firing a gun to cause panic and intentional injury. He has also been suspended for two years and eight months.

2. Fabio Paim

"If you think I'm good, wait until you see Fabio Paim". That quote is attributed to Cristiano Ronaldo. Fabio rose through sporting Lisbon's youth system just like Cr7. He was being scouted by Barcelona, Manchester United and Real Madrid when he was just 14.

At 19, super agent Jorge Mendes took him to Chelsea, but his career was one letdown after another. He played in Angola, Malta, Lithuania and Luxembourg and never made it, and when the money stopped, he turned to crime.

In 2019, police arrested him in Portugal for drug trafficking. He had an undisclosed amount of cocaine, money, and an unlicensed BMW. "No one is born perfect, I thought having talent was enough but it's not.

3. Adam Johnson

I'm supposed to tell you about this guy's background; how he came from a smaller English side, showed real promise, was bought by Manchester City, the national team was following him closely and all that, but no, I have no time to do this for this guy.

Adam Johnson is a sex offender when he was playing for Sunderland. He groomed a 15 year old he was 28, and abused his position and status with a young fan. To hear that he was absolutely guilty was a massive shock and let down to everybody at the Football Club.

This led to a swift and direct action to dismiss him immediately. All these was going on while his girlfriend was pregnant. Johnson was found guilty in 2016, and sentenced to six years in prison, yet he was released after only serving half that time.

4. Bruno Fernandes

Talking of injustice, let's take a trip to Brazil. Bruno Fernandes was a goalkeeper for Flamengo, and his performances attracted the interest of AC Milan, until he made his mistake. According to him "I made a mistake, a serious one, but mistakes happen in life I'm not a bad guy".

No Bruno, your mistake is right there, and you are a bad guy. In 2010, he was arrested, judged and incarcerated for the disappearance of his pregnant mistress. He had assaulted, tortured and murdered her. If that isn't bad enough, he was sentenced to 22 years in jail and released only six years later.

5. Ruben Semedo

The Portuguese defender and brother to Barcelona's Nelson Semedo, wowed the world when he made it into the first team from Sporting's youth academy. He later moved to La Liga to prove his worth at Villareal.

He was infamously known for pointing a gun at someone in a bar fight. Soon after, he was arrested for tying up a person and robbing their house. It makes no sense for a footballer to do something like that. He's still playing at Olympiakos.

6. Diego maradona

What does Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho have in common? Tax evasion. It seems like the biggest footballers in history, have had their problems with taxes in the past.

Except Diego is still showing his dribbling skills with the IRS. Maradona has an outstanding tax debt of over 30 million dollars from his playing days at Napoli.

The Italian agency of Revenue has confiscated watches and jewelry from the legend, every time he stepped foot on Italian soil, but diego keeps losing them proving his talent and backing up the saying crime doesn't pay.

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