3 Signs That She Doesn't Want You Anymore


There are a lot of reasons why your woman wouldn't like to see you again after you guys have shared a lot of love during courtship.

So for you to know that she has lost all he love she has for you, the below signs will show and be a prove that she is moving on with her life. 

1. Less available

She will be less rechargeable to you since the interest or love she suppose to show is gone.

Unable to avail her self shows she might be having different person somewhere who always make her happy in any other case as compared to you.

Or she is just moving on with her life.

Guys, don't forget love goes to where love is. When you see or notice a sign like this it means she is just tired of the relationship.

1. Unresolved Conflict

She will always like to pick frequent exchange of words with you for no apparent reason just to find a way to quite the relationship.

Simple things will always turned into conflicts just to create the impression for you being fed up with you so that you will move on without her telling you to do so. 

3. Protect her device from your reach

She will also show more protective over her devices.

This includes her phone, laptop or any other device that can aid her in communication. She does this as a sign that she doesn't have to share any thing with you.

Or probably is having an affair with another man or into other relationships.

Slow or poor response to your messages or calls should also tell you that there's something wrong somewhere.

When she gets new chatting partner, this will take her attention and time.

And she may see you to be disturbing her in case you complain of poor communication response.

She must be engaged by someone somewhere you might not know anything of.

Incase any guy reading this article is going through same problem, please call the attention of your woman to it.

But when she still goes on with the same character, then she has even moved on already.

 Since she is no more interested, move on with your life too.

Because when a person is fed up with a relationship nothing at all gives her back the love again.

Because somebody's meat is another man's poison. A lady somewhere is praying fervently to meet a man like you.  

But check yourself if you caused it and change before another relationship occurs.

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