Lady abused like Namhla exposes boyfriend.

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"Today he’s loving and caring,tomorrow he’s a beast, Relationship is very hard." This was posted by a twitter user who exposed her boyfriend who was physically abusing her, she showed how his loving towards her and then turns around and abuses her.

God please whatever I will do to make my man hate me to the extent of beating me, please Lord help me avoid it. I don't want to push my man from being my king to my beast.Relationships aren’t hard but I will never understand why women don’t defend themselves. A guy who put his hands on me and he will found out who I really was that day. I think people just let people beat on you like this, I don’t understand it.He don't show you what he’s capable of, I don’t know how some men used to feel like why will you hit a lady you called your girlfriend? It doesn’t make sense.

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Source credit : Twitter

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