OPINION| The ANC Has Good Leaders

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When political leaders exhibit uncontrollable reverence in their followers, it may be because they fear them it could be because their followers are unable to speak truth to power, it could be because they are ignorant; it could be because the followers are user-friendly, it could be because they are uncritically loyal, It could be because they are gullible. 

When leaders promote and encourage the above relationships between themselves and their followers, you must know that they are not interested in their well-being. They are interested in themselvesA good leader will not produce and perpetuate followers. A good leader trains and develops independent thinkers. Good leaders not only accept criticism, they demand that from their followers, because they understand that they are leaders of people who think too. A good leader produces more leaders. A good leader is driven by the motive of succession planning. 

If you find yourself in the midst of people that have no interest in your growth and development, you are in a very toxic relationship. You are being destroyed bit by bit! If you don't wake up immediately, you might wake up when you are already dead, always remember, leadership is not the preserve of the incumbent leaders. You are could probably be just as capable as you leader, if not better. But until you are given the opportunity to learn how to, you may never know your potentialhttps://www.facebook.com/171341793665909/videos/634171900939123/

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