Who Is The Queen Of Beauty In East Africa Between These Two Socialites


Kindly click on the follow tab for more exclusive similar articles.East African constituent country Tanzania is known to be an attraction to many visitors due to the famous Serengeti National Park.Apart from that,Tanzania boasts of a massive Entertainment industry ranging from music to movies.It habours numerous beautifil celebrities some who have rose to international status.Below are two most influential socialites in Africa from Tanzania.

1.Sanchi World.Janeikunda Everist Rimoy as she is officially known is a Tanzanian enterprenuer,brand influencer,socialite as well as a media personality.She was born in 1989 in Kilimanjaro and is estimately 29 years as at 2021.Sanchoka rose to fame after her beautifil photos surfaced online.She has since then ammassed a huge following with her Instagram account having more than 500,000 followers.Sanchoka is among the few socialites in Africa who has had no allegations of cosmetic surgery.She regularly posts with her mother who is also as beautiful as her daughter.Sanchoka has a high sense of fashion as seen in the photos below.

2.Poshy Queen.Poshy queen as she is famously officially goes by the name Jacqueline Obed.She is a CEO,brand influencer,socialite and media personality famous in East Africa and beyond.She hails from Dodoma though her date of birth is not yet clear.She is among the socialites who have heard hard times with netizens.This is because she was once accused of understanding cosmetic surgery in China allegations she denied.There was also a time when rumours had it that she was dating Bongo singer Diamond Platinumz allegation she also declined.She is a gorgeous lady with a high sense of fashion as seen below.

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