Some Market Fires Attracts Huge Donations And Some Attract Only Huge Prayers - Senator Shehu Sani


Many market men and women have lost goods worth millions of naira to fire outbreak, while some are lucky to have recovered many are still licking their wounds. Fire outbreak in the market is a very dangerously thing, apart from threat to life, it cause huge financial stress to people that are affected.

According to what I've heard and read in the news, the fire outbreak in Katsina Central Market that destroyed properties worth billions of naira in march 2021 attracted alot of donation from far and wide. From prominent people and also from NGOs.

The same thing happened in Yobe state when a fire outbreak occured at a market in Potiskum. Fire in market places is very common, it happened in Ibadan recently, so it's not a regional problem.

However, senator Shehu Sani in a post on social media reveals that "Some market fires attracts huge donations and visits; Some attract huge commiserations and prayers". What do you think the senator is saying?

Kindly share your opinion in the comment section.


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