A Family Cries For Justice As Webuye Pan Paper Company Does The Following To Their Kin


In Webuye pan paper company, a machine killed an employee and his body brought to his home with no clear explanation on how he died at the factory. The man was working in the company when he met his death.

The wife to the deceased, Mary Okoth said that his husband started working in the company in 1979 . She said that he has been the bread winner. For that, the wife is seeking help from the government and appealing to well wishers to help her raise her children.

The wife said that the husband has left her with nine children, all of them who are school going yet she has no source of income. She is also seeking answers for her husband's death.

Other employees of the company are demanding for justice for the deceased saying that the late has been a dedicated and a hardworking person all those years he served the company.

They said that the man has worked for over thirty years yet his salary was just ksh 19,000 like the rest of them.They also asked the company to be in charge of mortuary bills and the family needs and also to foot all the funeral expenses.

One of the employees also complained of not having sick-leave and poor working environment in the company.

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