"Cook For Yourself" - Angel Tells Queen During A Food Clash

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In the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye home, another kitchen drama erupted when Queen and Angel got into a heated argument about food and cooking chores.

The two had an argument about food supply and scarcity in the house.

Angel had been assigned to prepare, but when the food didn't arrive on time, Queen became enraged, and the two of them got into a fight.

“Angel, get out of the kitchen. Get away of here. You're not in good shape, dear. What a blunder!” Queen yelled.

“Cook for yourself since you're disrespectful to me,” Angel replied. “You must cook for yourself.”

“I genuinely brought out the stew this evening as Tega was finishing my makeup,” Angel told Nini.

“When I came to check on the stew, I noticed that it had not yet defrosted. So, what do you recommend I do? Should I make a stew out of myself?

How many times did I go to Princess and say, "Let's cook okro!" She did say, though, that she would cook the okro after the chore was completed.

“The stew is still frozen at this point. “Can you tell me what you want me to do?”

She went on to explain that there is no food in the house and that everyone is hungry, which the majority of the housemates confirmed.

Queen, for her part, explained that she had only eaten cornflakes since the morning.

When she met the Head of House, Pere, she claims he recommended her to meet Angel, who was in charge of the kitchen at the time.

Angel assured her they would make okro after the task when they met, so she waited.

“All of a sudden, she remarked that if I wanted to cook, I should go into the kitchen and prepare my own meals. Is she all right?” Queen yelled angrily.

The couple resumed their brawl at her utterance, shouting insults at each other.

Angel eventually fell silent, but Queen continued to yell until she exited the dining room.

“Get out of the kitchen if you don't want to cook,” Queen remarked as she walked away. This isn't your father's residence.”


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