Beware. I Have Never Done That On Social Media Before- Pastor Eastwood Anaba Drops Disclaimer

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The founder and leader of the Desert Pastures Chapel, Eastwood Anaba, has issued a fresh disclaimer. This is in reaction to how some "fraudulent' people have been using his name to extort money from people. It is very true that Pastor Eastwood Anaba has a charisma and personality that commands respect and responses from anybody irrespective of the position. It is for that reason why most fraud boys intentionally use the name of Pastor Eastwood Anaba to extort money from innocent people. Pastor Eastwood Anaba is not the first personality whose name has been used. Many celebrities have cried foul on this same issue. It is for that reason why Eastwood Anaba had this to say.

"Pastor Eastwood does not solicit for funds on social media. Beware of fraudulent accounts"

The question is, how do people continuously fall to this scam despite the promising and real nature of such demands.

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