How DP Ruto is confident ahead of the August general election.

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William Ruto is very confident and determined to win the August general election. The Kenya Kwanza Alliance flag bearer believes that he will emerge victorious regardless of who is the IEBC chairperson.

While speaking with the IEBC officials yesterday, Ruto said that even if Raila's elder brother Dr. Oburu Odinga was the IEBC chairman, he would have no problem so long as he is competitively recruited.

The second in command is currently in a tight race with the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance presidential candidate Raila Odinga in their quest to occupy the top seat.

This election is historical as Raila is going to the election with the support of the sitting President. However this seems not to be a threat to Ruto in his presidential quest.

Ruto has said in so many previous occasions that he's the deputy president and his votes cannot be stollen by the deep state. The deputy president also applauded Raila Odinga for pledging to concede if defeated in the August general election.

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