Check out Bishop Td Jakes and his Beautiful wife

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Check out Bishop Td Jakes and his Beautiful wife.

Hello everyone today I would like us to explore together the private life of the well known Bishop Td Jakes. I would like us to explore him and his beautiful wife Serita who are now married for 37 years and were recently celebrating their anniversary.

We shall get to know and see what the two lovers like doing on their free time and maybe get to know what is their secret to keep a family and marriage for so long (37) years of marriage. Maybe we will get some glimpse of their secret...

Knowing that Td Jakes is a man of God who teaches all the good acts done by Jesus to his people, for surely his wife has been there for Jakes from the start. From the dark days to the enjoyable days.

Let us check them out...

Thank you for making time to read the article and I hope it was worth it.

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