I never knew these dogs existed


Like they say .Dogs are men's best friend. They are different kinds of dogs, and they are for different purposes.To maintain a healthy dog is quite expensive and it takes responsibility .These responsibility ranges from grooming, training, visiting the vetinary doctor to feeding.The most common dog in Nigeria is the Basenji dog popularly called Bingo.It is mostly found in Africa.so it is a local Dog.It behaves like a cat.It can be timid and aggressive the same time.It doesn't bark,but makes a sound called Yodel.

Below are dogs which you have probably never seen.

1) Airedale TerrierForget the looks of this dog.These dogs are fearless and sturboon.They are also very alert and spirited.

2)Afghan HoundThese dogs are found in the mountains of Afghanistan.They require a lot of grooming.Are you ready to clean and trim? If yes,get this dog.

3)Chinese Shar-pei

Hahaha.I know what you are thinking.Anyways this dog values loyalty more than anything else. They love their owners so much. They are suspicious of stranger's,and that is what matters.

4)shih Tzu These dogs are bred to be companions.very They are very cute with their big brown eyes.

5)Bichon FriseThese cute fluffy dogs are known to be with nobles.They also perform at circuses.

6) Daschund Dogs

Dont be deceived by their face.These dogs are pretty aggressive to strangers.They can be friendly too.They have large heads,stout legs and elongated bodies.They are also known as sausage dogs or badger dogs. They are used to hunt Badgers,foxes and small rodents.They love children.They are also easy to teach.

7)samoyedThis stunning dog is energetic.They need a lot of exercise.Their fur sheds a lot.

8) ChihuahuaThese are the smallest dogs.They are named after a town in Mexico.They are affectionate,but can be pretty aggressive when they feel you are a treat.

9)MalteseMaltese are friendly dogs.They can be stubborn if not trained properly.Their fur occupys most of their body mass.They do not shed .

10)PoodlePoodles are extremely friendly and accommodating.They are loyal and easy to train.They are so beautiful.

What do you think about these dogs? Do you want to own one? Comment below and share let me know your thoughts.

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