Post offices robbing us we are asked R50 bribe to get paid our Grant, angry community cries

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A community in Ga-rankuwa is complaining that some beneficiaries have not been getting their money, when they approach post office for their grant. Members of the community fighting against crime said they had to approach local post office in zone 1 after receiving complaints.

The organization found out that the officials were actually asking R50 from beneficiaries, when they fail to pay the bribe they are being turned back without no explanation. It is alleged that it is the same post office were old Gogo was paid R300 grant. Which turned out to be fake notes. Grant beneficiary explained to dailysun that he was shocked when he was given R350 instead of R1050 he was owed.

When he ask about the remaining money he was given a statement, showing R700 was taken. When he ask how such happened nobody was ready to tell him. " I depend on this money and now they are moving me from pillar to post" he said. I was told the guy who assisted me is unknown to them.

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