Breaking news: GEMA Demolish market buildings in Haatso.


The Ga East Municipal Assembly have demolished a number of market buildings in Haatso this morning.

The exercise which was carried out by the personnels of the Ga East Municipal Assembly and a joint forces comprising of the military and the police demolished some building in Haatso.

Some of the buildings include the old UT Bank building and the market building in Haatso where are Haatso Plaza is attached.

Some of the shop owners who have their shops located at the building lamented bitterly as they were not given any notice before the demolition exercise.

One of the shop owners said; " We don't blame the government but rather blamed ourselves for voting the NPP government into power. This is what they've decided to do to us a way of appreciating us for voting for them."

Some of the residents who live within the premises of the building have seen their kiosks and belongings packed outside under the scorching sun. According to the members of the Ga East Municipal Assembly, they have given them several notice and are sure that they are aware of the exercise.

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