African World Cup Qualifiers: Current Group A, C, G, H & I Table And Teams That Might Qualify

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1. Group A: Algeria were in action against Niger I'm Group A fixtures yesterday. Algeria who drew their last game, returned to winning ways yesterday as they defeated Niger at home by four goals to nothing. Algeria 4-0 victory over Niger yesterday, made them to overtake Burkina Faso in their group stage table. Below is how their group stage table currently looks like after all matches were played yesterday.

Verdicts: With two games left to play in group A, Algeria and Burkina Faso are the clear favourite to progress to the next round of the tournament, as they are yet to loose a match since the beginning of the competition.

2. Group C:

Verdict: The qualification race in group C, is still widely open to all teams in the group. However, Nigeria and Cape Verde have a higher possibility of progressing to the next round of the competition, as they are currently occupying the first and second position on the table respectively.

3. Group G: South Africa are currently leading the race in group G, following their 1-0 victory over Ethiopia at home yesterday. They are closely followed by Ghana who has lost just one match in the competition so far.

Verdicts: Ghana increased their possibility of representing Africa in the 2022 World cup competition, by securing all 3 points against Namibia yesterday. South Africa on the hand, are already in the next round of the competition following their 1-0 victory yesterday.

4. Group H: Senegal who are yet to loose a match in the competition this season, are currently occupying the first position on their table with 12 points from 4 matches. They are closely followed by Togo and Namibia who are currently occupying the second and third positions respectively.

Verdicts: Senegal has already secured their spot in the 2022 world cup competition in Qatar. Togo and Namibia on the other hand, will be fighting for the second position when they play their remaining two matches in the competition on November.

5. Group I: Morocco who played a 5 goals thriller game against Guinea yesterday, are leading Group I table with 12 points from their first 4 matches. See the photo below for more details on how their group table currently looks like following yesterday's matches.

Verdicts: Aside Morocco who has secured their spot in the next round of the competition already, the 2022 world cup qualification race is still widely open for Guinea-Bissau, Guinea and Susan.

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