Ronaldo have Spoken on Comparison with Cristiano: Must be boring to hear I'm the REAL Ronaldo.

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Distinguishing between football's two Ronaldos has been since Cristiano became one of the greatest players.

Some call him small Ronaldo, others fake Ronaldo.

Is he it right?

Is he truly small Ronaldo?

Brazil's Ronaldo won FIFA's Player of the year on three occasions before he was 21 but was in the long run have been surpassed by his Portuguese namesake who have won it 5 times.

Ronaldo addressed the issue of being called the 'real Ronaldo' in an interview with Fabio Cannavaro.

He stated: 'For Cristiano, it must be boring to keep hearing people say I am the authentic Ronaldo.

The truth is, we cannot be compared.

Cristiano will always be remembered in football history just as I am remembered.

Ronaldo will always be talked about for the goals and continuity he has achieved. Just like Messi.

The Brazilian won the World cup in 1994 and 2002 and was runner-up in 1998 when they were beaten by the Zidane inspired France team.

Ronaldo haven't won the world cup but have won several trophies including 4 UCL- 1 with Manchecter United and 3 consecutive Champions league with Real Madrid. A trophy that Ronaldo delima didn't win.

They both played in Real Madrid but it will be Cristiano that the club will always remember for what he offered and the records he set.

The Juventus player shows no cryptogram of slowing down at the time of 35 with 21 goals in 22 sports competition in Serie A this season and still wants to win the balon dor.

Whatdo you think about Rinaldo's statement?

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