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After years of declining physical record sales, artists, bands, and record labels are lately focusing on live music shows. Record labels are also offering 360-degree deals to their bands.

Sounds good, what is it exactly? Previously, record labels used to primarily finance the production process of a physical record; also known as long plays, tapes, and compact discs.

Today, labels are also funding and helping their contract bands and artists organize and sell their live shows, and they are eating a big chunk of the profits too.

Thanks (or not) to the Internet and the ease of distribution of pirated music, the general public is no longer embarrassed, or even willing to buy physical discs. There is still hope; Johnny is always willing to spend his hard earned money on music.

Maybe not on physical discs, but people seem to be going to concerts a lot more than ever. It seems that the sound quality is no different for Johnny and most of the population, so he won't mind if he listens to MP3s on his computer.

On the other hand, going to a concert is a social experience where you can bang your head and interact with sweaty people, some of whom have never been seen. It's a new experience, totally different from hanging out in the same old rotten bar for years. So invest today.

Instead of spending a hundred euros, the bankrupt currency, alone in a bar, could as well invest a part of it on a concert ticket and the rest in frozen beers to withstand the heat of the indoor concerts, or can -be like an investment girl. Mention the world's greatest artists and you will notice that even if the global economy collapses, they still manage to sell their world tours.

Internationally renowned electro group Depeche Mode and their Touring the Universe tour, U2, who have embraced the internet like no other band, Lady Gaga and many other world famous bands and artists have all managed to generate a decent income including you and I'm not even dreaming.

Browse through various online ticket websites and you'll notice that there is at least one concert out of two in the city where you live, if not more! Some time ago, the editor of one of the blogs I write for wrote a spiel about the music industry.

Unfortunately, his spiel was criticized by many and, unlike other opinion pieces about himself, his publication on various music news sites was rejected for one simple reason; Encourage piracy of music on the Internet. It's a funny thing; the editors of the other websites seem to be unable to read.

In this spiel on music, Octave Shaper is simply stating that, like many other global industries, the music industry should stop pointing fingers, think outside the box, and look elsewhere for its goose that lays golden eggs.

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