Did you ever use these items in the good old days?


The rotation of the Earth on its axis causes the movement of the day and night in a rhythmic manner. This appearance of day and night as time goes on progresses life forward and leaves behind some things irrespective of the value they held in our precious lives.

There were some things which were given much attention but time has faded them out. This is the reason why I thought of writing this article.

This article is going to see me talk about five of these things. These were highly patronized in the good old days but the advent of the computer as well as other technological tools has led to them being discarded from the system.

If you ever used at least three of these, you must be married or be preparing to marry because you have really seen it all

1. This drinking glass

Most Ghanaian homes had this drinking glass and I remember perfectly that my father usually made me serve his visitors with this drinking glass. It was very popular in Ghana such that most homes had it. I don't know about the other African countries but I'm sure most of them also had it.

This glass had to be handled with care because if you ever broke it, you knew your father would really make you feel his wrath

2. Maize cob

This maize cob is what we used whenever we visited the nature's call. The kids of today may never understand this because they now use T. rolls and tissues at this moment. Well, this is what the legends used before the advent of technology.

3. Before these smartphones announced themselves and gained total control over the world, this was our only companion. You could only make a telephone call when at home or in the office because you probably wouldn't be walking with this whole thing in your hand.

4. Who remembers this toffee? Well, for this I am sure the 2000's kids can even relate. This toffee was made from pure ginger and it gave the throat a soothing effect whenever it got there.

Combining this toffee with cold water was a "deadly" combination.

5. The drinking glass was for visitors and our parents but we the kids had only one friend and that friend is the metallic cup over here. We called it the 5 5 cup and we dared not drop it on the floor at midnight because the sound it made could travel far.

Did you ever get the chance to use one of these and which of them did you love the most?

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