Malema Caught 'Pants Down' As He gets Exposed Again

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Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius Malema has once again been exposed as a flip flopper following utterances he made about enterprise minister, Pravin Gordhan during Jacob Zuma's era, and his stance now.

When Jacob Zuma was the president, Malema vowed that if he had to choose between Pravin Gordhan and Zuma, he would obviously choose Gordhan. He further described the former president and his comrades as "criminals" who were threatening the stability and growth of South Africa.

The same Julius Malema is now baying for Pravin Gordhan's head calling for him to resign over failure to turn things around at the state entity, Eskom.

Pravin Gordhan was fired by former president Jacob Zuma during his tenure, and many argue that Zuma fired Pravin for a good reason which was his incompetence.

Those who thought he was being unfairly treated including Julius Malema are the same people who are now calling for him to step down as Eskom continue to cut off the lights.

"We will never forget Julius Malema, this country is a mess because of him that's a fact," some argued.


Zuma's loyalists further stated that Julius Malema and his his party members were used as a weapon to fight the former president, and distract his plans to implement Radical Economic Transformation.

They said Malema's legacy will not be complete without him being fingered as one of the enablers of white monopoly capital to fight against Zuma, yet now he is singing a different tune speaking against capitalists and their oppressive tendencies.

"We can’t run away from the fact that Malema and his EFF were used by white monopoly capital to distract Zuma’s plans towards Radical Economic Transformation.

They stood against nuclear power, removal of Pravin even after Zuma begged them to stand together as blacks toward expropriation of land," an ANC comrade said.

In a meeting held this weekend between Zuma and his supporters, he urged them to work towards uniting all black people in the country.

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