PRAYER: Open My Eyes Lord So I Can Benefit From Your Healing Power


Jesus is the captain of all other captains He commands the storm to be still. He commands the wind to cease and it obeys. He commands the dead to come back to life even after being tuned for many days and death bows. When He commands demons they obey Him and He expels them by few words of His mouth.

Jesus is captain over sicknesses and diseases. Sicknesses cannot remain around Him, they must disappear before His presence. In Ex 15:26 He says, "For I am the Lord that healeth thee." He heals our sicknesses without charge, without condition. When a group of young men in our text laid down their paralytic friend through the roof to be touched and healed, without asking questions or giving conditions He not only healed his paralyses, but also forgave his sins (healing him spiritually too), All He did was issue a command and the sick man stood on his feet. No sickness or disease can defy the orders of the captain of all captains.

What is that sickness of disease of yours? Jesus is still the Commander-in-Chief, Bring it to Him, the work of healing did not end with His death on the cross. He is alive forevermore and is still with the healing power handed over to His ministers and the faithful here on earth There was a heating miracle that took place in a crusade held in my village. A man was brought from the farm to the crusade ground with his right hand almost withered in fact, the hand was already bent and stiff A lady Evangelist was ministering that night and when she saw the man, she commanded the infirmity to leave and pulled the man's hand gradually the hand stretched forth and became normal instantly. There were shouts of joy and amazement everywhere and crowd became almost uncontrollable.

Bring whatever type of sickness and disease that has troubled you to Him. He is well able Worry no more!