12 Categories Of People You Should Not Make Love With

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It is required of us as humans to exclusively make love to our spouse and no one else. It is not for singles, but married couples. As a result, whether single or married, you should avoid making love to the following 12 types of people:

1. You must never agree to make love to a married man, no matter what he promises or professes. You must respect both his wife and yourself because he has a wife. Make every effort to keep as far away from him as possible.

2. Never agree to have a romantic relationship with your boss. If the harassment gets unbearable, resign and trust God to provide you with a better opportunity. To keep your job, you don't have to please him. Maintain your innocence.

3. It is better to die than to have sex with people whom God has placed under your care to mentor or pastor. Never, ever, ever take advantage of God's people.

4. Don't make love to a married woman break up the closeness or whatever name you have for it if you are getting too involved via conversing official or academic relations.

5. Don't make love to your lecturers. Sex is for nonentity when it comes to grades or marks. You're not one of them. You must never be.

6. Never agree to sleep with a prospective client just to meet your official target if you're a marketer. Never!

7. Do not engage in sexual activity with your in-laws. If he or she persists in staying with you despite your best efforts, let him or her go. I mean, by no later than tomorrow.

8. Don't make love to your next-door neighbor or coworker. A neighbor is just that: a neighbor. A coworker is a coworker. Make your life as simple as possible.

9. Don’t make love with your platonic friend. If the relationship is no longer platonic, break up the thing.

10. I believe God created sex to be between male and female. Stay away from having sex with your same gender. God is against homosexuality and so should you.

11. Don’t make love to your sibling or relatives. Incest is vile. Try as much as possible to avoid that. As much as you respect yourself, try to respect your siblings.

12. Don’t make love to your girlfriend. Don’t have sex with your boyfriend. God did not create sex for love relationships. He created it for marriage. Wait for your time and God will help you. The only sex you should have is with your legally wedded partner.

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