Ruto Leaves Azimio Team in Jitters, Alleges What Changed Immediately He Unveiled His Manifesto-Video

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The deputy president William Samoei Ruto has alleged that his unveiled Manifestos have created tension In Raila's camp as they are trying to change everything by propelling propagandas around his clearly defined agendas. He said that the Yesterday's launch was historic and a sign of change that is very imminent.

Addressing the crowd at Kithimu, Embu County, he said that the launch has added him supremacy in different parts of the country and that is why many of his opponents are trying to fight him. He said that his Presidency is inevitable and many people are now behind him for the next leadership.

He urged the Embu County residents to consider voting for him as they saw their agendas which will change the economic status of the country after the August general polls. He said that it is now time to consider a true leadership and not be played by a group of selfish Politicians.

Kindly Click The Link below to Watch His Speech from 08th minute to 13th minute.

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