List Of 3 Reasons Why Raila Is A Great Hero Of Kenyan

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Railla Odinga is one of the most renowned politicians in the across African and outside World.He served as member of opposition over many years.While an opposition leader, Railla ensured that everything was on toes.

Odinga has held many politicalpositions in the country.The former Prime Minister has played a very important role in the political arena since 1982 up to date.

Since the hand shake deal,he was able to effectively come up with Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) together with his Excellency the president Uhuru Kenyatta.Most of his coalition members have turned him as a traitor following his desire to work together with the government.Most of the leaders in the ruling party referring to him as an intruder.

But all these do not interfere with his stands.Regea has to carry on.In his position in politics,he has tried to unit Kenyans through good representation as opposition leader.

Questions still linger in the minds of the most people whether he will once a gain stand to be voted for.

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