Man Slashed With Machetes During a Daylight Robbery In Kayole


Insecurity in Nairobi and its environs has been a thorn in the flesh for quite some time with rogue thugs robbing and killing innocent kenyans at their own peril.

Kayole is one of the most hit areas by Insecurity as these rogue thugs rob and even attack residents in broad daylight.

A majority have left kenyans nursing serious injuries all over the city with some already dead.

In another sad incident a man was slashed with machetes by thugs during a robbery just opposite kings church in Kayole.

According to one of the resident they managed to rescue him where he was ferried to the hospital.

Sources indicate that he suffered some seriously cut wounds that could have interfered with his memory.

He us currently at hospital recoup rating, many across the internet have been asked to identify him as none of his relatives have gone to vist him.

Locals have been urging police officers and all relevant authorities go intervene and make sure that just is well served.