Without The Money Of Motsepe PSL And Football Would Suffer Terribly - OPINION

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A well-known radio personality has expressed his views regarding the impact of Patrice Motsepe, without his money our football would be struggling terribly and were going to be feeding our best players to a top footballing nation.

Even a few agents have spoken about his impact when it comes to the development of our beautiful game, he has to be celebrated for his impact.



He is currently trending for all the right reasons all over Twitter, our second division is going to be named the Motsepe Foundation Championship, it's official he has partnered with the Premier Soccer League. The great news about the partnership is that the price money is going to be increased significantly.



The great news is we are going to be able to pay our players better which is going to improve the performances of our players, in the long run, we are going to have players in the second division playing in the national team if you are good enough you are old enough.



Our chairman has made important announcements, explaining why Glad Africa pulled their sponsorship in the first place. We were facing a serious problem, and as a result, Patrice Motsepe came to the rescue, as football lovers what the man is doing is very important and also beautiful.

If we can have more figures like him it's going to help us to grow, even though Dr. Khoza has done a lot for our football when he finally retires he deserves to be celebrated. It's great news we need the second division to be more competitive, the likes of Sphele Mkhulise, Percy Tau & Thembinkosi Lorch were also playing in that league. If we remove all of his money from the game, we going to have a poor product.



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