"You're Setting Yourself Up For Failure," Cuppy To Fans Who Do Things They Don't Enjoy


Failure is not everyone's wish but being successful is everyone's dream. Nigerian producer and Disc Jockey DJ Cuppy sends a message to fans who do things they don't enjoy

Yesterday, DJ Cuppy posted a video on her twitter account, relaying a message to her fans and followers who do things they don't enjoy, she said that those people welcome failure because they don't do something they enjoy and they do something just for fame, money and accolades (you do something so you could be acknowledged or praised)

She stated that the reason she does music is because she enjoys making it and music makes her feel alive. She revealed she wants to encourage everyone to be someone like her, someone who never does something because of fame and money but does something he or she enjoys.

"The reason i do music is because music makes me feel alive and i want to encourage everybody to never do something you don't love doing, the minute you do that, you're setting yourself up for Failure and it's just so important. It's something you should do because you want to do it, you don't do it for money, you don't do it for fame, you don't do it for accolades, those will come.

If you are doing things because you want to and it's in your heart, it makes no tough days, like today, so much better and it pushes you as well" DJ Cuppy said

Check out her twitter video below


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