Somber Mood As A Police Officer Is Ran Over By A Motorist While On Duty [VIDEO/PHOTOS]



Working in the security sector is one of the most challenging and risky professions in the country. This is because it requires police officers to cope with rogue drivers, lawbreakers, and notorious gangsters who are after avoiding arrest.

Working as a traffic management officer on busy highways and dangerous locations on Kenyan roadways is an even more dangerous job in the police force. Several cops have been killed by rogue drivers who are trying to avoid being caught in the wrong.

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As per reports in today's Standard Digital media, a traffic police officer has been killed in a horrific road accident near Narok highway while he was on duty.

According to eye-witness accounts, the officer, who is yet to be identified, was on a highway patrol when a matatu slammed into him, killing him on the spot. The incident was also posted by Digital Cops on their official social media pages.

VIDEO: Road accident claims the life of a police officer

This is particularly tragic because the police officer may have bid goodbye to his family in the morning with the hope of returning home later that evening. it is so unfortunate that his life was cut short due to rogue drivers. The reason why the driver drove into him is not yet known. More details about the bizarre incident are yet to follow.

The incident has sparked mixed reactions among Kenyans on social media platforms with most people criticizing rogue drivers. Below are some of the reactions from Facebook users:

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What can actions do you think can be undertaken to keep our security officers safe from such horrific incidents? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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