Meet the Man Whose Skin Condition Never Stopped Him From Pursuing Modelling as a Career

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Souffrant Ralph is one of the renown models in the world. He was born in Haiti and grew up in Brooklyn,New York. He has a rare skin condition which causes freckles over his face and body.

He has been inspiring people with rare skin conditions like himself ,advising them to love themselves the way they are since the outer part of the body is like wrapping paper which people only notice for a moment.

"I'm who I'm,you are who you are", is an iconic phrase he uses in some of his social media pages.

He started from humble beginnings and us a victim of bullying. At 13 he began modelling as a career and has gone too far with it. His skin condition never stopped him from pursuing his dreams. Being a unique fashion model is one that has catapulted him to fame and money.

He has been into modelling for years now and he hopes to cash his looks in more years to come. He loves his skin condition since it makes him unique. In his 20's,his impact in the fashion industry has been felt.

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Your condition should never stop you from being what you wanna be. Ralph's life is an inspiration.

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