These Are The Habits A Happy Couple Must Have


1. Date at night.

 I don’t care how long you have been together but atleast once a week, take turns creating that special day. Be creative!

2. Communication:

 Listen to one another. Don’t interrupt. Neither should you pass judgment but hear the other person out. It’s not about right or wrong.

3. Support.

Whoever has had a bad day, be there for him or her. No matter the issue, don’t minimize it! 

You are their to support, listen, feel, understand and tackle it together.

4. Honesty. No matter how painful a situation is, the couple must be honest to one another. Honesty can fix a lot. 

5. Laughter.

Learn to laugh at stupid shit. Laughter can fix many stupid and petty arguments.

6. Exercise.

 You both enjoy the same activities. Get out and motivate one another. Challenge one another in a fun way!

7. Appreciate.

Continually show your partner their importance. Maybe one does more creative things than the other. Make it be known that you are aware of it.

8. Attention.

You should never make your partner beg for your attention.

9. Kiss.

Offer your partner a kiss. Not just a kiss, but a passionate kiss where your partner feels your soul.

10. Hug.

This is tied with the kiss. Always hug and kiss your partner like it’s the last.


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