Girls From WASS SHS Were Caught Climbing A Wall To Get Out Of School; One Girl's Skirt Got Torn

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About 8 girls of West Africa Senior High School (WASS) has been caught on camera escaping from school whiles it is not closing time. Students at the Free Senior High enjoy this practice far too much, and school officials must take harsh punishment against perpetrators in order to serve as a deterrence to others.

Watching the video carefully, you can see that some of these girls are fat and others are slim. The slim ladies were able to climb the fence wall with ease as the fat ones struggled to climb. The mistake they made was that those who were able to climb the wall did not assist their friends. They should have at least helped them to land safely.

One of the girls was not lucky. She was able to climb but when she was about to land, the unplastered wall held onto her skirt and tore it into two pieces. The girl recording the video was heard in the video saying, "Oh, dismiss!!. On Chaley, so what are we going to do?". The other girls were seen laughing uncontrollably at their colleague who got her skirt torn.


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