A Victim Was Shot During A Robbery In KwaMashu

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A 32 year old man was shot and stabbed after he refused to hand over his valuables during a robbery at Besters Corner in KwaMashu this morning.

The Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) Phoenix Operations Centre received a call from the victim’s work colleagues requesting medical assistance for him. On arrival the man was treated by Medics for a gunshot wound to his thigh and two stab wounds to his head.

He informed Reaction Officers that while walking to work he was accosted by five suspects. One suspect produced a firearm and asked him to hand over his valuables. When he refused the suspect shot him while a second suspect began stabbing him on his head.

The robbers then fled the scene on foot. The man managed to walk to his place of employment where he sought assistance.

Reaction Officers conducted an extensive search for the robbers however no arrests were made.

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