Opinion: ESN Should Stop Making These Mistake If They Want My Support


ESN Should Stop Making These 4 Mistakes If They Want My Support

Iam sure you are all aware of the security measures launched last year to curb insecurity in the eastern region. However, after examining the purpose of the organization and the nature of its work I decided that they did not deserve my support.

I have noticed that some are misguided in the organization’s work process even though their intentions are clean, commendable and commendable. Below are some minor mistakes made by ESN;

1: Stop sharing any kind of activity on social media: I am not at all proud of, and boasting on social media because it seems that some people are using it to spread false information, and that is exposing their strengths and weaknesses to their enemies.

2: Stop seeing the Nigerian army as their enemy.

3: Stop following herdsmen and start fighting and committing crimes regardless of ethnicity.

4: They also need to stop the flow of heavy weapons: We all know that the law of the land prohibits anyone from possessing illegal weapons, and the ESN is also subject to that law. So I think the members of the group should put away their AK-47 rifles and go in search of machetes, arrows and Dane rifles now.

Are you in support or opposition to the East Security Center? What other mistake do you think they are making? Please feel free to download your comments.

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