'Herdsmen Not Only Destroy Our Crops. They Also Uproot Tubers To Feed Their Cattle' -Farmers (Video)

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A video which showed farmers lamenting their ordeals in the hands of cattle herdsmen uploaded on Punch Newspaper Facebook page has continued to garner reactions on the social media platform.

Recall that aside activities of bandits and terrorism acts perpetrated by Boko Haram, one of the ills currently bedeviling the country is the activities of killer herdsmen who go all out to terminate the lives of farmers because they were called out for allowing their cattle to graze on these farmer's crops. Also recall that this difficult issue still remains impossible to curtail at the moment. 

Gun- holding Herdsman

These unfortunate farmers lamented that often times, they would have to watch helplessly while these wicked herdsmen graze their animals over their crops thereby destroying them. Any resistance from them might be met with death as assured by the herdsmen.

One of them who spoke in the video recounts how a herdsman chased him with a cutlass because he challenged him. Some would use their inability to understand the Yoruba language and continue their dastardly act. 

A farmer stated that when things were normal last year, he made a profit of N3million naira from his tomato farm. But this year, his crops were damaged by these herdsmen and their cattle. 

They even go as far as uprooting cassava to feed their animals with thereby plunging the farmers to unprepared debts as they would not get reasonable proceeds from the farms.

They plucked their pineapples and damaged the plants to the extent that it would be impossible to get seedlings from them. They ruin banana suckers and matured plants all in the name of feeding their animals.

They therefore plead with the government to come to their aid in this difficult time.

The issue of killer herdsmen have been on for a while with several calls made by concerned individuals, groups, bodies, etc. to relevant authorities to put these people to order. Unfortunately, lip service has been paid to it.

This post is generating a lot of reactions from other Facebook users. Excerpts from these reactions are hereby presented below.

Killer herdsmen have taken the lives of many farmers in country. They kill, maim, amputate male farmers while the female ones are sometimes raped right in their farms. As we speak, no concrete measures have been put in place to arrest or persecute these erring set of humans.

This has led to the rise in communal or regional warlords who have come out to speak for their respective people. Notable among these individuals is one Adeyemo Sunday popularly known as Sunday Igboho. Fearless and bold, he has taken it upon himself to fight for the Yoruba race and save his people from the menace of killer herdsmen.

Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho

Early this year, he issued an ultimatum to some Fulani herdsmen in a particular community and saw to the evacuation of these people from the community in Oyo state. He also achieved a similar feat in Ogun state. He keeps rallying round all meaningful sons of the Yoruba tribe soliciting for support so that our terrains and lads would be safe enough for inhabitation.

He had also stepped on toes in this struggle but his efforts in saving his people from the hands of killer herdsmen have been met with high commendations from all and sundry.

It is needful to say that if these menace is not put to check soonest, farming would eventually become a scary and risky business venture into.

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