Reasons Why The Akamba Exited GEMA Union.


The GEMA Union consists of the Gikuyu, Embu and Merians as the major shareholders of the title. This consists of the ethinic communities in and around the Mount Kenya region. Long ago the Akamba used to be part of the GEMA though they currently don't associate themselves with the title.

The Kamba learders went ahead to exit the union for self political ambitions. Being the second largest community after the Agikuyu they felt left out in key decision making forcing their way out to form strong political affiliations with other sections of Kenyans who would possibly appreciate their desire to lead the country.

Geographically the Akamba are more inclined towards the coast than Mount Kenya. Despite them speaking close to the smae language with the other tribes in the union they are far away from the rest in terms of geographical location.

The Akamba felt marginalized in key development which forced it's learders to form their own union. With them occupying the semi arid region, they chose to move ahead and restructure on how their region would be developed.