Pity his fans are depressed, he recently left S.An Idols show, they want him back.

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a 48 year old star Somizi Buyani Mhlongo is a South African actor, media personality and choreographer left S.A's idols and everyone was flabbergasted because he was no longer appearing on the screen only seeing guest judges replacing him, he left the i Idols on the 22th of August.

Reason being is because his estranged husbanged Mohale Motaung placed abuse allegations towards him so, M net decided to give him sometime to get his issues together and take sometime to fix his issues because he was really going through a lot he couldn't handle it and focus on idols.

It's a pity his fans are not happy , idols feels like nothing without him making it more funnier he just left just like that, it's really sad he just left the show and he is really going through Mohale is really making some huge moves towards him he's not giving him a chance , making more harder by placing charges of abuse allegations.

It's hurts that the show won't be the same without him, while it was approaching to the amazing episodes and he left to sort himself out.

But it was for the best to go fix issues the sooner the better before everything gets ruined just like that because of a person he just mets.

Hoping to see him sonner the show is really not the same without Somgaga. That man made us laugh and crack our heads every seasons and episodes.

What ever he is going through, his issues will be over hoping to see him anytime soon, idols are really empty without him and as we are your fans we are not okay , we need to see you on the screen to be okay like before.

# Bring back Somizi!

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Stay tuned for more , be an observer a lot is going on , in this crazy world.

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