FIFA Set To Cap Number Of Loan Transfers To Prevent Player Hoarding

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FIFA has announced that starting in 2024, clubs will be limited to signing and sending six players on foreign loans, allowing them to focus more on cultivating talent.

The measures, which were delayed by two years due to the COVID-19 outbreak, are intended to "develop young players, improve the competitive balance, and avoid stockpiling," according to FIFA.

From next season, clubs will be limited to eight international loan signings in and eight loan signings out, with the number lowering to seven the next year and then remaining at six until 2024-25.

Local players and those under the age of 21 will, however, be exempt from the guidelines, pending approval by the FIFA Council at its next meeting.

The plans also call for the implementation of a minimum loan deal period of two transfer windows, with a maximum loan deal duration of one year.

There will also be a restriction of three players loaned out between the same two clubs per season, with "sub-loaning" to a third club outlawed.

Domestic loans are not covered by the laws, although FIFA has stated that national organizations would have three years to bring their own rules in line with international standards.

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