Stunning Fashion Styles E4ma, Liquorose And Ellaley Have Rocked

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In this article i bring to you the most trending female dance group in Nigeria, “Girls Got Bold” it was formed by three beautiful ladies. E4ma, Liquorose, and Ellaley.

The group was created in 2014 in a short space of time these ladies have appeared in numerous Nigerian musical videos as vixens and commercial videos too.

Since then they’ve become the most wanted female dance crew in Nigeria.

Jobs Done:

MTNPulse Tv commercial.

GLO commercial with P-square.

ETISALAT Tv commercial.

GLO centenary commercial.

These ladies are not just beautiful but also talented and skillful dancers, that knows how to create and bring beautiful dimensions while dancing to any kind of song.

When they say dancers are the most fashionable humans on earth these beauty queens, E4ma, Liquorose, and Ellalye have a great stand in it too as they have an outstanding fashion sense.

I will be showing a few pictures of this lovely ladies and you’ll help me choose who has the best fashion sense.

1: E4ma

2: Liquorose

3: Ellaley

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