Five Stages That The Grieving Undergo That You Need To Know

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Most of the time it is not known what the grieved people undergo. It is always good for you to know that when one loses his beloved friend or a close family member it is always painful, one could have shared his/her childhood with the departed, so this memory hurts.

Here are five stages that the grieved undergo;

1. Denial.

This is where one does not accept what has unfolded, this is because of a strong attachment that one could have had and therefore refuses to accept the reality.

2. Anger.

One feels bitter and angry with whatever has happened.

3. Bargains.

This is when one starts thinking of what he/she can do to reverse the condition of what happened.

4. Depression.

This is where one fails to admit whatever happened and starts being filled with negative thoughts. He/She may start seeing everything as not being important.

5. Acceptance.

This is where one accepts the reality, even if it takes time, important thing is they accept whatever has happen.

It is worrying that some are getting stuck in the some other stages making the society to have people who sudden do things that are not expected. It is important therefore that we become our brothers keeper during grieved time so that we may be able to help the grieved to recover and live a normal life.

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