The Ranakas: Michelle gets emotional as she discusses her mothers death

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Michelle has been a part of the Ranaka family for a while and her place is unmistakable and irreplaceable especially to her mother-in-law who adores her. Their connection has probably made it easier for her to mourn her mother

However that isn't how closure works.

Dineo's sangoma journey has been one that hasn't been easy for the family to accept it. With it, comes clairvoyance and with that? The abilities to get to the heart of the matter with those around you. It was Michelle's turn the previous week as Dineo asked her about her mother's side of the family.

This prompted a discussion about her death and Dineo giving her brother, Mzingisi, a call to ask him not to neglect that side of Michele, the tough family issues. This week they sat down together to have an emotional conversation about Michelle's mothers illness.

But moreover, Michelle was able to detail her struggles as an eighteen year old having to look after everyone. Having to be so responsible for those around her at a young age making sure rent was paid, food was paid for. It was a burden she didn't have to have but needed to follow through on. I didn't blame for feeling bigger towards her uncle's who stood by and didn't assist.

Personal Thoughts

This to me feels like such a normalized aspect of living in South Africa or Africa in general. Child-headed households where as young as a child is, they have to understand priorities. As a child you shouldn't have to be thinking about where the next meal will come from.

I will say though that its the family that sits idly by and watches that encapsulates real evil. If you can do something to help why wouldn't you? I get why she is struggling to build a relationship with them now. Why would they reach out now that everything is over? It seems calculated.

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Source: The Ranaka's on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

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