Three Men Mess Up Their First Date With Their Eating Habits


Netizens have been left talking after four men who were seeking to find a soulmate live on a Tv show messed their dates with a beautiful lady with their poor eating habits.



The story was covered by Ebru Tv, in a show where youngster meet in search of soulmates. A lady called Shirleen had graced the show, with intentions of getting a perfect match for her heart so as to love. She revealed that she was looking for a man who is independent, serious in life, not a 'Mama's boy'.

Four young men turned up for the show, with intentions of chatting with Shirleen and possibly making rightful impressions and win her heart. They included DJ Clintoz, Willy, Mico and Matiagi, all who expressed their optimism and expectations on their ideal lover.

They therefore took turns to talk with Shirleen, hoping to get a perfect match. The most interesting interview was that with DJ Clintoz, who was more interested with food rather that Shirleen and her offer. Mico's chat was also an entertaining deal since Shirleen rejected him due to his economic status and outlook.

When offered food, their eating habits were arguably poor, and from Shirleen's body language, they pissed her off.


However, Mico was not easily put off since he was out to influence her into loving him. When she told him that he was not in her league and look, Mico begged Shirleen to accept him since he will look much better, handsome and presentable in future.

The summit of Shirleen's conversation with Mico ended in tears for him after he was rejected for possibly shaming himself.